With immense strength and lightness, steel is an easy material to work with. Steel is also a flexible material,
in the sense that its properties change depending on the amount of carbon added in its smelting process.
STEALER is a brand that applies the limitless expandability of this distinctive material to the production of eyewear.
As a brand, we aim to re-interpret the material with an in-depth and unconstrained point-of-view.


    Deviating from the production method of stacking a layer of acetate between two layers of steel,
    STEALER products are produced using the Steel Layering Technique.
    ‘Upper Union’, an optical frame produced using the Technique, was awarded the Bronze Award in
    the Merchandise Department of the 15th Korea Eyewear Design Competition.

    * Steel Layering Technique is also applied to STEALER spectacles model ‘UPPER UNION’and sunglasses models‘GRANNY’ and ‘GRANNY M’.


Depending on the medium, three versions of the logo is available.
These differ slightly through the brand identity in which the logo wants to visualize
through fonts and identity to the viewers.



To signify the steel material, basic base colors of silver and grey is used along
with navy for sub color. Navy is a neutral color in which it can attract not only
both female and male consumers but also appeal to the younger customers.


The techniques in which we have utilized for the fonts are the emptied line
in the letter A of ‘STEALER’ to clarify our entry to ‘steal’ our clients’ attention




Unlike usual business cards made of hard papers, STEALER’s business card gives specificity of design
by applying steel texture on the side edge. Steel texture applied on the business card strengthen STEALER’s brand identity,
as business card is the face of personnel from STEALER.


We designed stationeries to expose STEALER’s own identity for easier approach into daily life.
To deliver STEALER’s brand identity message, color, and font signatures are projected
into design of post cards, envelopes, files, etc.


Display tools made of steel are provided to stockist.
End users will also be able to experience STEALER’s brand identity
from flood of many other brands.



Packaging design continues STEALER’s sophisticating image.
By attaching steel plate on the pouch, we projected not only the brand’s identity but also practicality for user.
For example, this steel plate is turns out to be a mirror for users to check their look with sunglasses.



Brand book is crucial part for fashion brand as it stores various information on each collections and used for sales.
Using bolts, nuts, and chrome page in the brand book implies brand identity.
In addition, updating with new collections in the brand book is simple and easy.