PARABOOT, a world-famous French shoe brand, and STEALER, the unique steel eyewear
brand’s collaboration project were released in March 2018, and it is still hot.
Both Paraboot and STEALER brands have deep maniac fans,
You showed great interest in the collection behind the scenes.
We introduce collection behind which many people are waiting now.

Paraboot is a brand that has been loved by many people with a long history of shoe brand and high quality.

As the name of the brand, it started to make boots with a rubber sole with latex imported from the port called PARA.

It boasts a history of more than 100 years and is the only shoemaker in the world that uses its own rubber soles as a classic brand.

STEALER also introduces classical and trendy eyewear and is loved not only in Korea but also overseas.

16FW - 17SS season 'Scene STEELer' concept is deployed in the previous season, more active use of various steel materials and concepts are approaching consumers with a unique position as a steel professional brand, the more attractive STEALER I look forward to seeing new fans.

Both brands have a different character, but they decided to showcase their classic and casual line-ups by inspiring each other's brands and materials in a common sense of classical style.


'Steel + Leather = Classic'

PAIRZ eyewear is designed to match the traditional branded Paraboot image and to suit the user's preference for Paraboot.

In other words, it was reinterpreted around the classic shapes and details of products from the 1970s and '90s.

The detail work from the design sketch process has been going on for several months so that you can show the color of both brands until pattern, color, and product finish.


STEALER’s collaboration model PAIRZ, is a half rimmed style with a metal line. It uses PARABOOT’s signature green color to add classicality and luxury.

In addition, PAIRZ uses Beta titanium material and IP plating method that does not easily discolor even after a long time in order to increase fitting feeling and minimize weight, and it is a product that can fully feel the technical power as well as the sensual design power of the STEALER.

Especially, limited quantity and worldwide collaboration products are making public to be more interested.

Michael: Although Michael is an expensive product, it is a popular model as much as there are many stores have out of stock for this model.

Through this collaboration, Paraboot has released the MICHAEL shoes, one of the most popular steady sellers, as a bespoke model.

The steel stud-attached metal studs are designed to be removable, allowing for a variety of look.


In addition to PAIRZ packages, we took full advantage of Paraboot Identity from our existing idea sketches.

The durable rubber sole of natural latex is the signature of this brand, so the package is made to look at its details.

It was produced in two kinds as PAIRZ PLUS / PAIRZ REGULAR, both of which were inspired by the details of MICHAEL.

A symbol of classic, unmistakable style expresses unbelievable sample process, and several processing operations, you can feel more solid yet unique charm.

Due to the nature of real leather, the longer you go together, the more natural it will aging and it will be reborn as your own leather case will be another point.

STEALER appealed to this collaboration by strengthening the existing accessories, and it was a good opportunity to broaden the competence and design range as a brand of STEALER Eyewear.

Another interesting element of this collaboration!

The synergy was maximized by introducing the contents with the SUPERFICTION, the best creative design group in Korea.

The theme of this video is 'Desire: The desire to be cooler than you' concept

Collaboration model was worn by each other, and the situation which is instinctively led to the product of PAIRZ and Michael witly produced.

STEALER and Paraboot

I hope that the special encounters of the two brands that are building their own unique areas in the different fields of eyewear and shoes will inspire many people,


We will come back with better contents and designs.