The Kids Edition, which is presented annually by STEALER, has been loved throughout the year.
In this year, Limited edition has been released with re-sizing the STEALER sunglasses model for the Kids.
Following the first HORIZON KIDS and the second ILLUSION KIDS, the third Kids product
went on to become the most popular NEW SPOT with simple circular sunglasses.
First to unveil a behind story with STEALER third Kids Edition with Carla Yang.


STEALER's NEW SPOT model is an upgrade version model of the existing SPOT model and is the simplest-style sunglasses model with titan silver frame.

Also, it's been desinged with stable size and eye shape, it took over as a best-seller right after the release of the new season last year.

Despite 5 different colored NEW SPOTs, The NEW SPOT KIDS was made with the most popular colors 

which are Black, Gold, and Silver.  A total of only three colors have limited quantities.

If the existing Kids Edition models were limited to children, The NEW SPOT KIDS was focused on rim and temple sizes for children of a wider age

The Kids Edition package is based on blue based design which are the point color of STELAER, and collaborated with STELER's font.

STEALER's third edition of the Kid Edition was covered by the concept of 'VINTAGE'.

The vintage background, color costumes, and the film's effects on pictorial photography have maximized the sense of the scene

In addition, model Carla's attractive looks and poses provide a clearer picture of the brand concept and also highlight the features of NEW SPOT KIDS.

This is not the first time we've met model Carla. From STEALER's first and second Kids Edition to 

 HORIZON KIDS and ILLUSION KIDS, you can see Carla in all of the Kids Edition photos.


Take a look at Carla's BTS photo, which expresses the simple and stable vibe of the NEW SPOT KIDS condition.

Please look forward to seeing which model will become STEALER's fourth Kids Edition for 2019.