STEALER has been trying every moment to have a unique brand color with differentiated design and branding since the brand’s launching.

'MATCH POINT', which means 'the last point to determine the game', is STEALER’s 2019FW – 2020SS season campaign that prepared with 

profound thoughts and mindset like a player preparing for the last point on the tennis court as a game changer. 

STEALER's new season campaign 'MATCH POINT' is based on various details of steel and unique design methods. 

This season was also a collaboration between STEALER’s headquarters and STEALER’s Italian studio. 

We reveal the new seasonal campaign shooting in Italy with the wider spectrum and the vivid behind story.

At an Italian shooting site, a man is wearing a neat suit look and preparing carefully one by one, as if something important.

We can see that the guy on the tennis court seems to be serious and determined.

The action of striking a lot of balls under the bright sunshine looks like to match the guy 

who was adjusting dressing one by one thoroughly in front of something important.

We now unveil the teaser image and pictorial cut of the STEALER’s 19FW-20SS campaign 

'MATCH POINT', which was prepared through numerous studies and processes. 

– You can check out the full version of the 'MATCH POINT' and the full pictorial images, which makes you 

curious through intersected the static suit look and the dynamic tennis court at STEALER’s official website and 

Project section in the STEALER official SNS account. (@stealereyewear). –


STEALER's new season campaign, was prepared with numerous studies and processes, 

is filled with a discreet mood and tension from the teaser image.


Take a look at some pictorials of ‘MATCH POINT’ campaign that combine STEALER's sensibilities with the Italian studio’s sense.

Through ‘MATCH POINT’, STEALER wants to move confidently forward to this season with a stronger brand identity and clear direction. 

Stay tuned for the new collection of STEALER and a variety of upcoming campaigns.