The worldwide collaboration project, PAIRZ. Done by French global shoe brand, PARABOOT
    and the eyewear brand showing infinite expansion of metal design, STEALER.
    As the concept of collaboration comes from "pair", STEALER launches classic but sophisticated eyewear "PAIRZ",
    while PARABOOT launches special edition model of steady selling model "MICHAEL".
    Both products are limited edition globally, especially, all PAIRZ model of STEALER has its own unique numbers to give you the "one and only" item.
    The packaging of PAIRZ is consist of the "Regular" leather case and "Plus" that looks like PARABOOT's MICHAEL design.

    *(+SUPERFICTION) Also, the creative design group, SUPERFICTION's artworks, and the story make this project even more fun.
    NICK and SCOTT, the characters of SUPERFICTION buy MICHAEL and PAIRZ individually.
    After coming out from each store they look each other's items then crosses store each other to buy the same products.